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ICON P-Rep Update #4 FEB 2020

Having to refrain from developing third party integrations, the Pocket team had to remain focused on delivering testnet on schedule. Because of this, the ICON-JS integration slipped one sprint, but is now ongoing development! The initial pull request will be submitted by the end of the current engineering sprint (February 22nd).

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Pocket Economics Paper Release

Alongside our public testnet release, we are extremely excited to release the full overview of Pocket’s economic model.

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Testnet Phase One Announcement

Phase one of Pocket Core Testnet launches with baseline support for Ethereum, Open Applications Network (previously AION), POA Network, xDAI Chain, Tezos, and Lightstreams. During testnet, a developer will need to stake POKT test tokens to access the Pocket protocol and connect their application to any of these blockchains, while node operators have to stake POKT test tokens to begin servicing relays to and from an application’s desired network…

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Pricing Throughput for Applications

Imagine only having to pay $25 once, instead of $25 every month! As a developer, the minimum amount you can stake is 1 POKT token. Once you stake, it will undergo a minimum unbonding period for 21 days. This means you can’t unstake your POKT tokens from the network during that time period. 

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Monetizing Full Nodes with POKT Rewards

The blockchain ecosystem is currently undergoing a tragedy of the commons. Full-node counts are not only decreasing but also centralizing. 

Since the time of “The Race Is On to Replace Ethereum’s Most Centralized Layer” was published on December 5th, 2018, the total Ethereum node count has fallen from 11,803 to 7,669 as of now. Then, there’s an observable trend towards nodes moving to the cloud. According to a study by Chainstack, 61.6% of the total Ethereum nodes are run in the cloud, with the top ten cloud hosting providers accounting for a total of 57% of Ethereum nodes. This isn’t happening to just Ethereum, it also plagues other blockchain commons, because of the lack of inherent incentives to run full nodes. 

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ICON P-Rep Update January 2020

The Pocket/Figment P-Rep node currently sits at 34 on ICON tracker with a performance rate of 97.13%. Fully aware that we have been quieter in the community as of late, we hope that today’s update will further encourage the ICON community to continue to delegate with us.

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Pocket Year In Review

It’s the start of a new decade, and now is as good a time as any to reflect on what we’ve accomplished to date. Having been deep down the rabbit hole in this space since I bought my first bitcoin in 2013 on Coinbase, I’ve been through tremendous personal growth, and have seen our team and the industry as a whole go through…

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Nodesmith partners with Pocket for AION & Ethereum support.

Our mission, Connect any app with any blockchain on any device. Lofty, yet attainable, this mission requires rock-solid utility based in decentralization. Without the prerequisite foundation, clunky setups and time-draining maintenance will diminish DApp potential…

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Saturn Network integrates with Pocket Network

True to their mission of providing users with a decentralized exchange for trading Ethereum and Ethereum Classic tokens, Saturn Network is integrating with Pocket Network as a preferred infrastructure provide. One of the most glaring security risks for any decentralized application is the over-reliance on single service providers for full-nodes, which in turn tend to rely on large data centers run by FAANG mega-corporations. We know of these mega centers as “The Cloud.”…

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ICON P-Rep Update

The Pocket/Figment P-Rep node has maintained a highly productive and reliable node ever since the initial network issue out of our control (highlighted in the last P-Rep update) with node productivity now at 97.66%. Our node is sitting at 28 on the P-Rep list, with currently 34 total P-Reps active at the time of this post…

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