Are you looking for infrastructure and tools that will make connecting to blockchains much easier?



Our mission is to enable any application to connect effortlessly to the blockchains of their choice while maintaining decentralized infrastructure. To accomplish this, our team is developing a protocol for node incentivization, and providing an open source suite of developer tools for getting synced. Developers can connect to blockchain nodes using our SDKs, while Relay Nodes are rewarded for coordinating the transactions in a reliable & collusion-resistant way.

To access and use the Pocket Network, developers and Relay Nodes will have to stake the POKT token. The protocol throttles the amount of transactions each stakeholder can send or receive based on the amount staked. The protocol does not restrict any individual from participating as a Relay Node or developer to access services.


Pocket provides blockchain agnostic tools that allow developers to connect their application to any blockchain by pointing it to a node that coordinates API requests across the protocol you desire via URL or WebSocket. If you want to set up your own node you can install any of our pre-configured SDKs, or create your own custom plugin.

  • Install the open source Pocket SDKs for your blockchain of choice.
  • iOS and Android Pocket SDKs will have a simple interface with functions like createWallet, signTransaction and sendTransaction.
  • Networking involved to send transactions to the correct endpoints will be taken care of by the SDK.
  • Create any application that uses or awards cryptocurrency and tokens without having to worry about building a wallet or running nodes to service transactions.


Pocket makes it easier than ever to connect to a blockchain protocol and relay transactions. Node operators can install a relay node, and attach a plugin to the blockchain network of choice. If a plugin isn’t available, you can create it yourself or send a request to our team for future development. Visit our Github to see the plugins that are currently available today.

  • Host any number of full nodes from any cryptocurrency and relay transactions.
  • Have a simple REST API endpoint that developers can access to relay their transactions.
  • Claim your POKT mint on a per transaction basis.
  • Sign up through the directory contract to relay transactions.