Connect any App, to any Blockchain, on any Device.

Developers now have the freedom to put blockchain enabled applications into the “pocket” of every mainstream consumer.



For the first time, any blockchain can be EASILY integrated into websites, mobile apps, IoT, etc, through a scalable, decentralized infrastructure solution. Developers no longer need to rely on centralized gateways or run their own blockchain nodes to used decentralized technologies. Pocket is building an intuitive ecosystem structure including simple developer tools that creates powerful motivators to keep the network decentralized and reliable for applications.


Pocket provides blockchain agnostic tools that allow developers to connect their application to any blockchain by pointing it to a node that coordinates API requests across the protocol you desire via URL or WebSocket. If you want to set up your own node you can install any of our pre-configured SDKs, or create your own custom plugin.

  • Install the open source Pocket SDKs for your blockchain of choice.
  • iOS and Android Pocket SDKs will have a simple interface with functions like createWallet, importWallet and sendTransaction.
  • Networking involved to send transactions to the correct endpoints will be taken care of by the SDK.
  • Create any application that uses or awards cryptocurrency and tokens without having to worry about building a wallet or running nodes to service transactions.


Pocket is powered by Pocket Nodes which provides the essential services needed to enable applications to use any blockchains. These services are monetized via the Pocket blockchain and node owners can activate multiple Pocket services to diversify revenue streams. To learn more about running your own Pocket Node, visit our Github repo here.

  • Host any number of full nodes from any cryptocurrency and relay transactions.
  • Have a simple REST API endpoint that developers can access to relay their transactions.
  • Claim your POKT mint on a per transaction basis.