Whitepaper Version 0.3.0 Release.

With updated Mainnet Specs, Economics, and Governance info.

What is Pocket Network?

Pocket is a protocol that incentivizes people to run full nodes for any blockchain. This is done through a distributed network that relays data requests and responses to and from any blockchain system while rewarding the participating nodes with the native cryptocurrency “POKT”.

Pocket Core MVP architecture:

We launched Minimum Viable Pocket (MVP) in April without the blockchain or any cryptoeconomic incentives. MVP matches applications using our SDK and dispatch service to coordinate among various infrastructure providers vetted by us. This means that every application using Pocket is being connected to a pseudorandom node in the network, providing a peak into how the mainnet architecture will work. All this done while still providing a stable, high quality service used in production applications today.

Key Takeaways applied from Pocket Core MVP:

Improving the developer experience and lifecycle is crucial, and going through the work of integrating on the application side clarified the need for the SDK interface to be seamless. Key insights that inform our SDK design include various modularities that can be achieved at the SDK level to support multiple infrastructure setups at the same time as well as interface nuances needed for a better integration experience. This was achieved through integrating MVP with projects like MyEtherWallet, Nifty Wallet, Poketto, EzTz, TezosKit and TezosJ.

On the node and infrastructure side, we’ve learned about all the node setups infrastructure providers run through using Pocket Core. This includes differences between monochain and multi-chain setups, and how this gets distributed across cloud and colocation providers around the world.

With that being said, we are pleased to announce the release of our new whitepaper that will dive into the revised network architecture, economics, security, and governance.

Mainnet Architecture:

The most important step to moving from MVP to Mainnet will be the true permissionless nature of being a node and developer within Pocket:

Developers will be able to pay for API access by staking POKT, and anyone will be able to provide infrastructure access by running Service and Dispatch Nodes provided they have the minimum POKT requirement to stake.

In Pocket, work is load balanced and distributed evenly across the protocol. Each node in the network has just as much a chance as receiving work regardless of how much is staked.

You can read the updated whitepaper here.


The architecture outlined in the whitepaper will be used to implement the Pocket Core Testnet and Mainnet.

Everything we build is open source (including project management), and you can keep up with our progress on Github. We love extra eyes on our work. 🙂

Below are the tentative dates for each release.

Pocket Core Testnet — February 3rd, 2020

Pocket Core Mainnet — May the 4th, 2020

To stay up to date with Pocket Network’s progression join any or all of these three channels.

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