Portis is an elegant user interface that makes accessing DApps simple.

Portis allows users to access DApps in their web browser through the most elegant interface the crypto-industry currently has to offer. Familiar “email and password” setup, and no need for third-party installations. This gives developers the ability to integrate their DApp builds in a straightforward manner, which results in less time spent stressing out about user interfacing, and more time for testing smart contracts.

Portis is fully integrating Pocket Web and Mobile SDK’s into their own to make DApp development and experience even simpler. By configuring “ethereum.pokt.network” for example(which is the default config anyway) you DApp ensures deployment to a decentralized network of ethereum nodes coordinated at random so you are no longer run the risk of single-points of failure serverside.

Portis currently supports projects on ethereum, ethereum classic, and POA, with more coming soon. Pocket Network will also!

developer guides

Click through to one of the links below to learn how to use Portis. You can select Pocket Network as a config option at your discretion.

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