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Accessing blockchains, made simple. Now integrated with Pocket.

The Pocket team routinely finds inspiration from the work, and community engagement going on in the blockchain technology space today. To use the Ethereum network as a frame of reference, the ecosystem is vast and interactive, both in code and in person.

Amidst the obstacles and initial imperfections of this fresh technology, developers continue to iterate and build with patient and persistent attitudes. Participation requires shared responsibility and contribution to big-picture solutions. Right now, there is a pressing need for simplification of the blockchain developer experience, without sacrificing resilience or agency, and that is exactly where Portis and Pocket shine.

Portis development powered by Pocket tools

Portis allows users to access dApps in their web browser through a simple, and super familiar “email and password” setup for wallet and dApp browsing without any third-party installations. This is done by immediately encrypting the user’s wallet using their email and password on the client, and only storing user encrypted wallets on Portis servers. This gives developers the ability to integrate their dApp builds in a straightforward manner, which results in less time spent stressing out about user interfacing, and more time for banging out the code and testing smart contracts.

The Portis team has integrated our interface in the latest release of their SDK, so now you can call to Ethereum through pocket.ethereum.network if you so choose.

Every blockchain wants a diverse client ecosystem, this reduces single points of failure through redundancy. While Parity and Geth are by far the most popular clients on Ethereum, there are several more actively being developed for the ecosystem. There are 7 teams working on Ethereum 2.0 clients, with the shift to the beacon chain. Pocket Network will help increase the diversity & redundancy of these clients by providing a relay protocol layer for running nodes and serving developers through Portis. This concern is loud and clear throughout the crypto-community.

“Portis wants to empower blockchain developers everywhere by making sure they can focus on their DApp logic, while we take care of the rest. After all, using DApps should be easy, as should be building them.

Making sure users can easily and securely sign transactions is one part of the equation, the second is making sure they can reliably transmit it to the blockchain, so it will become reality. By adding Pocket Network as an additional node service for our devs, we’re giving them another way to make sure that the latter happens in a consistent manner.

Furthermore, we’re seeing the rise of more and more blockchains, each offering their own benefits. We keep saying that users don’t care your DApp is on the blockchain, only about the value it provides them, so they definitely don’t care which specific blockchain it is on. We’ve begun supporting additional blockchains to make sure users can use different DApps on different blockchains with a single account, and by integrating Pocket Network our developers will be able to enjoy the benefits of multi-blockchain support even better.”  – Tom Teman, CEO, and co-founder, Portis

What’s next?

Beyond this milestone, Portis and Pocket mutually pursue the vision of a multi-blockchain future, by providing services that synchronize each and every additional blockchain supported for a universal experience.

Portis currently offers main network access to Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, POA network, RSK, and xDai within their configurations, with more on the way.

Pocket Network currently supports Ethereum, and AION plugin systems for Android, and iOS with the flexibility for developers to build their own plugins to support their blockchains of choice.

We know that by reducing the friction involved for developers while they build dApps, the entire ecosystem will thrive. The Pocket team is committed to building software tools for dApp developers building on the next frontier. This complements the Portis team’s dedication to providing interfaces that bring dApps directly to mainstream users. Portis implores developers to “redefine how humans experience the blockchain,” and with the support of Pocket Network’s plugins, it just became even easier to accomplish!

Tune in as we explore new blockchain use cases to make development processes streamlined, and support Portis in their goal of bridging the gap between dApp builds and the end-user experience.

Here are two documentation resources.

To chat with our team about Portis or anything, join our telegram — https://t.me/POKTnetwork

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