Pocket Core MVP – Announcement


The Pocket Core MVP (“Minimum Viable Pocket”) release is the foundation for the decentralized blockchain relay network that Pocket Network will develop into. Pocket provides this utility for developers who wish to connect their apps to any blockchain from any device, through simple SDK/plugin systems, and blockchain relay infrastructure (nodes).

The insights gained from the MVP phase will directly inform the iteration and deployment of Pocket test network, and main network releases (estimated for Q4 2019, and Q2 2020).

Pocket Core is the official Go-lang implementation of the Pocket Network Protocol. The code is open-source and can be found at github.com/pokt-network/pocket-core.

Pocket Core allows anyone to spin up a Pocket full node (“Service Node”), with options to enable/disable functionality and modules according to each deployment. If you’d like to read the code, here is the repo: pokt.network/pocket-core-mvp/.

From the development of the ecosystem, Pocket Core MVP focuses on key functionality for Node Operators, and DApp Developers. Expect full documentation and follow-up content with the release on April 15th. Here is a high-level overview of the MVP Architecture:



Note: During the MVP release there is a single trusted “Dispatch Node,” that securely coordinates permission-based “Service Nodes” from client-side requests to blockchain nodes supported in the Pocket Network. The intention of this design is to guarantee that Pocket can operate in a controlled environment for stress testing purposes.

The primary objective of this release is to demonstrate the coordination capability of Pocket Nodes for multiple blockchains, across different devices. Pocket currently has plugins built for Ethereum, and AION network, with the goal of:

1. Building to support more blockchains through partnerships.

2. Incentivizing the community to create their own plugins via Bounty & Grant programs, with simple guides, and developer support readily available.    

MVP phase feedback will bolster the successive release of Pocket Testnet, and allow the network to progress into a distributed Dispatch Node network: featuring pseudo-random node selection, and a blockchain layer for full node incentivization. This progression will mark Pocket Network as a truly decentralized full node network that DApp developers can access, seamlessly.  

Pocket Core MVP participants will have their node and/or application whitelisted. This allows the Dispatch Node to securely connect with the corresponding Service Node and/or DApp.

After registration and confirmation, 2500 PXKT Airdrop will be sent to the MVP participant’s selected Ethereum address. PXKT will be used to submit proposals to the Pocket DAO, which launches later in Q2, and will be redeemable for POKT (native token) upon its release in 2020.  

For more information and registration steps, visit the Pocket Core MVP web page.

The Pocket team is excited for the MVP phase of the project, we thank you for showing interest, and look forward to developing, and innovating with you!