Pocket 2019


2019 is an exciting year for Pocket Network, and it’s participants, here are some of the major events to expect this year:

  • Pocket Core client “MVP” release.
    • Trusted Dispatch Node
    • Registration and whitelisting of Service Nodes.
    • Airdrop of PXKT (ERC20 token) to MVP nodes and developers.
  • Launching of Pocket DAO.
    • For participation on MVP for the strengthening of “Decentralized Trusted” node relay service, in preparation for the release of fully trustless, decentralized node network.
  • A published economic model to serve as the framework for establishing node incentivization.
  • “Pocket MVP Americas tour” event series of meetups for community engagement.
  • And finally to round out 2019: test network release of Pocket blockchain and POKT native token, heading for main network launch in 2020.

Pocket MVP Release

The Pocket MVP is a major release expected for Q2 this year. It will include fully featured SDKs with support for all of Pocket Core Dispatch and Service functions as well as plugins with baseline support for Ethereum, AION, and potentially 1 more blockchain. Node operators will be able to connect to a single Pocket Core “Dispatch Node” endpoint and use DIY automation tools for deployment with dynamic support for any blockchain using an HTTP interface.  

The Pocket MVP release will begin as “Decentralized & Trusted” and transition to  “Decentralized & Trustless” come Testnet release. Participation will require a simple registration process.

More information regarding the release will be published soon. In the meantime check out the active GitHub repository here at github.com/pokt-network/pocket-core.


An ERC20 token “PXKT” will be airdropped to registered MVP participants for contributing to the early stage product development leading up to the release of Testnet late in 2019, and Mainnet early 2020. PXKT airdrop will go directly to the participants Ethereum wallet.

PXKT will also be used in the DAO for proposals, voting, and staking processes as we grow organically. PXKT will be transferable for POKT (Pocket blockchain’s native token) upon main network release in 2020.

Pocket DAO

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations are intended to distribute decision-making responsibilities throughout a network of people. DAOs can serve as a framework to shift from traditional hierarchical structures towards protocol-driven governance mechanisms. The immutable ledger and cryptocurrency exchange functionalities of blockchain technology enable DAOs to be far more effective.

Pocket DAO will be comprised of individuals and groups who are committed to contributing Pocket Network’s relay service ecosystem and governance as we proceed. This includes:

  1. DApp developers who wish to connect their builds to a decentralized node network.
  2. Full node operators- willing to apply for Verified Node status and facilitate network relays for incentives.
  3. Blockchain developers interested in code review, bug reporting, contributions to the architecture for bounties.

Prior to POKT main network release (“Limited Participation Period”), DAO participation will be limited to those who apply and are qualified for trusted participation.

If you are interested in the MVP release, Airdrop and DAO, join the telegram or newsletter to stay informed. 

Pocket MVP: “Americas Meetup Tour”

Person to person interaction holds just as much weight as the technology behind Pocket Network. In 2018, Pocket has sponsored hackathons, presented at tech conferences, and socialized with fellow enthusiasts at blockchain meetups all around the world. We hope you agree that community outreach is the essence of decentralization, so to kick off the upcoming release of Pocket MVP, we are preparing an “Americas Meetup Tour.” The tour includes presentations & workshops for the North & South American cities that will inform developers, prospective node operators, and anyone with general interest in blockchain technology about Pocket MVP.

As a team with an established presence in the United States, and the Dominican Republic, we plan to begin the tour with sessions in the Americas, then add dates for new locations throughout the year. Informative content will be archived and templated, for those interested in hosting future meetups. Once the dates are final we will release the info on the soon to be created Events page.

Expect dates for this summer to be published soon. If you would like to partner with us on a collaborative event, reach directly at pokt.network/contact and someone will follow up with you promptly.

Test Network

The MVP experience will yield a set of interactions and observable real-time data about dApps and relay servicing infrastructure. The team intends on using this knowledge base, and collaboration of the DAO to launch the Pocket Testnet, including the blockchain in Q4 of 2019.

Pocket’s test network phase will include the release of our blockchain with controlled parameters, as the project stabilizes itself through collaboration. A more contained growth process is intended to secure the community from outside attack vectors. There will be a marked transition point from a “Decentralized Trusted” node service at MVP, and Test Network, to a fully trustless, decentralized network in preparation for the main network release in early 2020.

This summary does not include any awesome partnerships that we have in the works, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter or social media for ongoing updates and discussions.

All of our code is Open Source, find it on our Github.

Check out our website: pokt.network.

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