AION is a powerful platform for building cross-blockchain decentralized applications

Through their APIs, Virtual Machine, and future bridge designs, AION is laying the foundation for app development on decentralized infrastructure. With innovations like their AVM(AION Virtual Machine, which is a JVM based Virtual Machine that will allow Java code to run on a Blockchain) coming soon they are making smart contracts and decentralized technologies approachable to mainstream Android developers. Pocket is excited to team up with AION and provide developers with a decentralized infrastructure to build AION applications.

Pocket has released open source plugins for iOS and Android that connect any mobile application directly to AION nodes within Pocket Network! This includes client-side AION wallet creation, with transaction sending and querying functionalities.

Developer Guides

AION is the perfect environment to make the Pocket Protocol immediately useful for developers. Follow our tutorials and see for yourself how simple connecting to AION is now.


Using their phone’s augmented reality abilities, players can catch tokenized Monsters by completing user created quests!  Each Monster caught is actually a smart contract token on the AION platform that can be used and traded within the AION ecosystem. This app shows how AION smart contracts and the Pocket Protocol can bring decentralized technologies to mainstream users. Monster Chase is in its last leg of development for iOS and then will be made available on Testflight soon.

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