MyEtherWallet adds decentralized options to ETH and POA with Pocket Network.

Having positioned itself with a strong reputation as web-based utility, MyEtherWallet (or simply, MEW) is among the most well-known wallets in the space today. One of the goals that MEW and Pocket Network shares is to wipe out the difficulties that would otherwise prevent an average user from securely and anonymously managing their digital assets. Practicality and ease of use are essential components in on-boarding new users and this is why this announcement is so exciting!

Integrating everyday users while simultaneously reaching toward higher degrees of decentralization are both crucial to success. Pocket’s new integration with MEW does both!

This development expands options to users who want to transact on the Ethereum or POA (xDAI) networks through MEW.

The choice to connect to these networks through Pocket reduces the centralized risks associated with a single-entity node provider by making the networks more robust and censorship-resistant. This is a step in the right direction and what we consider to be a big win for the resilience of this wallet provider, and the autonomy of its users.

Here is how you select Pocket Network at login in only a few clicks.

Or if you are already logged in, here is how you can change your network to Pocket Network. That’s it! With a few clicks you are now supporting the sustainable decentralization of blockchain technologies.

MEW, Pocket and other blockchain projects could not have gotten this far without people like you. The early adopters willing to learn, and adapt with the evolving landscape to ensure that the world we live in, the world that our children live in, is one where freedom reigns supreme!