ICON P-Rep Update #4 FEB 2020

P-Rep Status:

The Pocket/Figment P-Rep node ranks at 36 on the ICON Governance Tracker with a performance rate of 97.13%.

If you view Pocket’s development work to bring further degrees of decentralization to the ICON Network as imperative, we encourage you to move your votes to the Pocket/Figment P-Rep. Rest assured, Figment Networks operates top-tier, industrial-grade infrastructure!

Development Status:

Earlier this week, Pocket launched its testnet, which represents the transition from the Minimal Viable Pocket (MVP) architecture to an architecture of a truly permissionless, resilient, and redundant design. This is the first time ever, anyone will be able to join a decentralized network of nodes and provision infrastructure for application to access any blockchain, including ICON.

Having to refrain from developing third party integrations, the Pocket team had to remain focused on delivering testnet on schedule. Because of this, the ICON-JS integration slipped one sprint, but is now ongoing development! The initial pull request will be submitted by the end of the current engineering sprint (February 22nd).

Pocket believes it’ll provide a better experience as well as more value to the over-arching ICON decentralization efforts by focusing on integrations for the Pocket-Core testnet and mainnet.

Once the Pocket integration is merged into the ICON-JS SDK, Pocket Network will officially support the ICON Network on testnet (and mainnet). For ICON developers, this means you will soon be able to connect your application to a decentralized infrastructure comprised of a network of Citizen Nodes, ensuring an ICON DApp is no longer reliant on a single node (ie a single point of failure). Thereby, guaranteeing highly-redundant uptime and censorship resistance.

As mentioned in the previous ICON P-Rep Update #3, the Pocket engineering team will begin working on the ICON SDKs for iOS and Android once phase one of the Pocket testnet is launched and the ICON-JS SDK is completed. The mobile SDKs are currently estimated to be finalized later in the month of March. Learning from this development, we will be sure to continue to communicate any development changes that may affect the delivery date of the ICON mobile integrations as soon as possible.

Pocket Network is a protocol that incentivizes individuals and organizations to run full nodes for any blockchain. This fuels the growth of any blockchain network, and we believe this will stimulate the ICON’s node ecosystem to grow a resilient, dynamic set of diverse node operations.

Since anyone can run a Citizen Node and Pocket Node, we urge you to participate throughout the testnet phase to prepare for Pocket Core mainnet. These are the minimum requirements to run a Citizen Node and minimum requirements to run a Pocket Node. Jump into the #noderunner in our Discord to express your interest and coordinate on updates.

If you are a P-Rep that wants to further monetize your node operation, email us at nodes@pokt.network.

What to expect next:

Pull Request submitted for ICON-JS SDK integration with Pocket.

ICON mobile SDKs for iOS and Android completed in March.

Onboarding Citizen Node runners and ICON P-Reps to participate in the ICON-DI (decentralized infrastructure) initiative leading up to Pocket’s incentivized testnet.

Connect with Pocket:

As an open-source project, you can keep up with our progress on Github.

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Join us on Discord to talk with the team and community.