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Testnet Phase One Announcement

Phase one of Pocket Core Testnet launches with baseline support for Ethereum, Open Applications Network (previously AION), POA Network, xDAI Chain, Tezos, and Lightstreams. During testnet, a developer will need to stake POKT test tokens to access the Pocket protocol and connect their application to any of these blockchains, while node operators have to stake POKT test tokens to begin servicing relays to and from an application’s desired network…

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ICON P-Rep Update January 2020

The Pocket/Figment P-Rep node currently sits at 34 on ICON tracker with a performance rate of 97.13%. Fully aware that we have been quieter in the community as of late, we hope that today’s update will further encourage the ICON community to continue to delegate with us.

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Saturn Network integrates with Pocket Network

True to their mission of providing users with a decentralized exchange for trading Ethereum and Ethereum Classic tokens, Saturn Network is integrating with Pocket Network as a preferred infrastructure provide. One of the most glaring security risks for any decentralized application is the over-reliance on single service providers for full-nodes, which in turn tend to rely on large data centers run by FAANG mega-corporations. We know of these mega centers as “The Cloud.”…

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ICON P-Rep Update

The Pocket/Figment P-Rep node has maintained a highly productive and reliable node ever since the initial network issue out of our control (highlighted in the last P-Rep update) with node productivity now at 97.66%. Our node is sitting at 28 on the P-Rep list, with currently 34 total P-Reps active at the time of this post…

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Pocket/Figment P-Rep Update

This post outlines our early experiences as a P-Rep and our roadmap for the integration of Pocket Network that will create additional incentives to operate and maintain Sub P-Reps as well as Citizen Nodes, in order to sustain ICON decentralization. Our goal with this post and following communications is to build upon confidence in the community who have voted for the Pocket/Figment P-Rep so that we can maintain a presence in the Voting 22 set and execute on the entirety of our strategy…

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Terminal.co integrates Pocket Network for Decentralized Infrastructure.

Since the launch in September, Terminal is well on its way towards making Ethereum Dev’s life easier. Terminal is a hub designed to better develop, test, and manage Ethereum artifacts and infrastructure. The team is led by all-stars from the likes of Consensys & Deloitte, whose mission is to empower the next million blockchain developers by serving as the next-gen Github for Web3…

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DAppNode adds Pocket Network as a Trusted Provider

If you have been paying close attention to how Pocket Network is growing to market, you’ll have noticed that the collaboration with DAppNode is one of the ones that excite us the most.Pocket Network is working to coordinate the most diverse full-node network available for developers of decentralized applications to use and is well on the way of achieving that…

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POA Network partners with Pocket to add decentralized provider to Nifty Wallet

This past week, POA Network and Pocket Network formally announced their partnership that brings a decentralized infrastructure option to Nifty Wallet…

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