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Pocket Economics Paper Release

Alongside our public testnet release, we are extremely excited to release the full overview of Pocket’s economic model.

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Pocket Year In Review

It’s the start of a new decade, and now is as good a time as any to reflect on what we’ve accomplished to date. Having been deep down the rabbit hole in this space since I bought my first bitcoin in 2013 on Coinbase, I’ve been through tremendous personal growth, and have seen our team and the industry as a whole go through…

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The BOSI Stack. Blockchain Open System Interoperable Stack

The physical world has many constraints. Each jurisdiction has its own rules, language and currency. Since the inception of the internet in the 90’s, we’ve had amorphous digital businesses and locations whose owners decide the currency, rules of engagement and boundaries within these new digital jurisdictions…

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Whitepaper Version 0.3.0 Release.

Pocket is a protocol that incentivizes people to run full nodes for any blockchain. This is done through a distributed network that relays data requests and responses to and from any blockchain system while rewarding the participating nodes with the native cryptocurrency “POKT”…

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Cryptonetworks will challenge infrastructure monopolies

Amazon Web Services (AWS) impact on the global economy and the startup ecosystem has been transformational. In the 1990’s, “in order for a web-based company to exist, the table stakes were about $2-to-$3 million.” according to Om Malik. Today, AWS allows you to rent a server for less than $100/month. Ben Thompson says it best in his Amazon Tax post…

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