Our mission is to enable any application to connect effortlessly to the blockchains of their choice while maintaining decentralized infrastructure. To accomplish this, our team is developing a protocol for node incentivization and providing an open source suite of developer tools to increase ease of use. Developers can connect to blockchain nodes using our SDKs, while Relay Nodes are rewarded for coordinating the transactions in a reliable & collusion-resistant way.


Pocket offers simple tools that connect developers with node operators for streamlined blockchain access. If you’d like to run a node, you can install Pocket Node, and configure it to one of our many plugins. If you are developing a dApp, simply download the appropriate SDK and connect to the platform you desire.



We know that every dApp, and platform is different. This is why Pocket is open source. Developers have a template for simple access, along with the flexibility to customize the building experience to get the most out of the experience.


Pocket opens the gate for participants to choose the blockchain platform of their choosing.. Creating individual connections for every blockchain in existence would be tough, so we’ve designed a framework that is ready to support any blockchain.


Pocket Network currently supports applications for iOS and Andriod on Ethereum and AION, with support for more blockchains coming soon.

Download the appropriate SDK and connect to the endpoint of your preference. That’s it! You are ready to enable cryptocurrency in your application as if you were running your own nodes.

Pocket helps decouple portions of the dApp stack, in order to save your team valuable time & resources.

Developers can focus more on their application’s UX, while relay nodes provide a much appreciated infrastructural component to the ecosystem. If you’re interested in doing both, you can too!


  • Michael O’Rourke
  • CEO
  • Luis C. de Leon
  • CTO
  • Pabel Nunez
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Valeria Benitez Florez
  • Brand Manager
  • Andrew Nguyen
  • Blockchain Dev Lead
  • Tracie Myers
  • Tokenomics Specialist
  • Ian James Quinn
  • Content Lead
  • Gabriela Pena
  • Finance Manager
  • Pathy Polanco
  • Latam Community
  • Patrick Maguire
  • Director of Marketing
  • Jeremy Beal
  • Developer Education & Evangelism
  • Alberto Jauregui
  • Social Media & Growth Hacking